August 09, 2012

The Bond and the Field

   Sometimes, information comes out that is different from what we already know.  When this happens, it is incumbent upon us to look deeper into what the voice is saying and evaluate the truth in context against what we already think we know.  Lynne McTaggart is one of the true scientists that i admire in the world today - i have read her works when i can - the title here is a combo of two of her books.  
   I am horrified to send you to an ad - but the 70 minute interview on the page about Cancer is an absolutely must hear.  I will allow you to think for yourself - i now take this blog in another direction.
   The Bond is one of the mysteries of chemistry.  I have read Linus Pauling's classic - The Nature of the Chemical Bond - several times - it is the explanation for the field we call chemistry.  McTaggart takes the topic in a biological sense - i will devour the book as soon as i latch onto it. But we create our own fields - using morphogenic resonance - go look up Rupert Sheldrake.
   We create interpersonal bonds with the friends we make as we live our current life.  I love people that i don't like - because unconditional love is a pre-condition for acceptance.  If i reject, then i am rejected.  I love you.  That gives me the right to say my piece to you, once, without blame, because i care.  What you do with my insight is up to you - and i have no right to harp on it once i have said it - i let it go.
   This current life system does not work.  Nature realizes this and is in the process of making change.  Belief is what we each have to glom onto, and we each have our own truths which do not necessarily coincide.  Nor do they have to.  We get into more trouble by attempting to coincide our vision; we get into arguments over nonsense.  I think this is set-up deliberately by our education system and is exasperated by what we call rule of law.  There is no punishment for violating rule of law when you are above a certain fiscal condition.  Is this fair?  Who said fair was part of life?
   Doc is a free-radical.  It is not a complicated concept.  Science is made to sound complex by people like McTaggart telling us that it is complex.  Nonsense.  It is a turf war and if you are believing without thinking, then they have gotcha.  We do not need school to learn.  We need an open mind with an attitude - you know what it is you know - go through the logic before you change your mind.  No matter who it is that is telling you.  Oh - and stay away from medical doctors - they really do not grok chemistry or biology.

Namaste'   doc

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