August 27, 2012


   Swirling miasma : Splitting into divisions: thyme for the future - howdt with the past.  The present is now and i'm just doc.  As Bugs says, eh, What's Up Doc?  
   Answer is me, i'm up and the better the chaos, the simpler the apparent order.  I'll order a sandwich and fries with a chocolate milkshake. (Groucho)  My eyes are crossed and my tees are dotted - home after two weeks plus howdt means that life will never be the same again.  My B role and my A role are getting reversed again and so i must relish my freedom to develop perversity, as i can.
   Experience is a filter to see through the apparent, to grok the is of what there is.  I met five Josh's - is this any weigh to run an airlines? (You bet it is!!).  She's not a girl that misses much.  If one form doesn't fit, the next form will getcha - don't sweat the small stuff.  Guess what?  It's all small stuff.
   Wisdom comes from depth, not from experience.  The number of times is several deep questions all rolled into one.  Mathematics is a mystery school, there is more depth to the plane than there is to the plain.  I walk on water - i drink water - Mt. Shasta headwater is in my canteen now.  All of know is what we perceive and i value the love that extricates itself from the depths of passion.
   Y'no, i wanted it to happen so badly when it started that it became an all-consuming compulsion; but then when the opportunity met the reality, necessessity would have been presumptuous and i didn't because it wasn't the moment.  Majik man knows majik woman is on her way here - details to follow.  Heart at the Britt, next week and maybe Nancy (and Ann) will grok love of appreciation direct - timing is everything.
   World pleigh is word play skewed - knew weighs of sey (hey!) to grok the know, y'no.
Namaste'   doc

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