November 23, 2013

A Hermit's Mode of Day-to-Day

   Live simple, eat well.  Start your day with a glass of water - structured water if available.  Groundwater from wells is much better than municipal water as an opening source - structuring the water is a process treatment.  The Schauberger method involves moving the water in swirling spirals - there are many different structurers and we are learning more about it daily.
   I usually get up, shower and have a large hot beverage - earl grey tea or coffee.  I will acquire data and play chess, then take period of time for reflection.  Some days, I will reflect with blogger open and set a post in motion, other days i will write in my daily journal  The priority was on writing through the summer - right now I am in reflection mode and focusing on mechanisms that are different in scope and scale from what we handle now.
   When I come up for air, it is breakfast time.  Preferred choices are yogurt, granola, bananas and blackberries or eggs, in omelet form with cheese, veggies of some sort and a slice of Dave's seed bread toast.  Morning backgammon commences while listening to music and discussing the bizarrity of the past day.
   Then comes deep thought time - where work gets accomplishes on ether theory or practice.  Doc is currently developing analytical capability for the production of hemp oil.  Colorado legalized the substance, while the Feds didn't quite get the message.  In the words of Tull : I hope you don't mind if we sit this one out.  There is no question that marijuana is major medicine and threatens the big pharma monopoly on pumping you full of drugs.  
   For doc - smoking pot is mind clearing, not a problem unless manual dexterity is required.  Work leads to afternoon backgammon and 4:20.  I use all break times to dive into the 5D-GFP chat room - because i enjoy the music and the love of family that i don't have as a hermit at home.  A late day outdoor earthing session gets my feet planted on firm ground.
   Evening brings dinner - homemade crockpot vegetable soup - using only the finest organic ingredients and structured water ; and the Daily Colbert as we laugh at the farce that has become the news.  A documentary or a movie follows and off to bed - usually by 9:00.  Franklin supposedly talks about early to bed and early to rise making a man healthy, wealthy and wise.  I wonder if wealthy can be removed from the monetary setting and placed more into spiritual context.
   No medications, no pharma, only clean herbs and supplements.  In cooking, my four bases are tumeric, paprika, basil and oregano.  Oil is either coconut or extra-virgin olive oil.  Onions and garlic are major ingredients of nearly everything.  I find it amazing that coffee, wine, chocolate and nuts are all proven good snacks.  They were my habits for years, even before i knew of the medical benefit.
  Be High on Life , Enjoy   Namaste'  ...  doc

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