November 29, 2013

Water Works

   As we traverse the galaxy investing in change, we find that we have to leave some things behind.  Memories have a weigh of shifting into what we wish to remember instead of total recall.  As we move further from the point of delusion, we hope to find happiness, joy and love.  The baggage that we carry brings fear and loathing and we must slip out of that mindset completely before we tarry forth.

   Doc enjoyed writing the water series and will be developing a few more essays on mechanics and properties of structured water.  The idea of water being the controlling influence on earth makes sense from a chemistry perspective - there are more molecules of water interacting with each other than any other substance, by far.  It seems that when we allow our water to go into auto-pilot, it sets our levels of metabolism and we feel well to act rather than just to be.

   There are patterns that flow between order and chaos that allow development of new pathways and journeys.  Letting go of the illusion means withdrawing from attachments - people attach themselves to their personal lifestyle and fall into routine and patterns that become their definition of us.  Large groups of people bring common tension.  Anger directed at anything is a focus of energy that deflects from the sources of unity and keeps chaos frothy.  Unity is resonance - coming together at a common wavelength for meaningful work.

   What is work.  It is not the chains of society granting you fulfillment.  It is not just the day to day routine of paying your way under somebody else's standards.  It is not the exchange of time for money.  It is the calling that brings you here to accomplish a task over many lifetimes - learning how to evolve into the flow of light.  The antenna of darkness is being lifted - nothing is sacred.  Cannite's Krue started as a D&D cadre of RPGers - the new game starts for real, now, as the illusion dematerializes.  What used to pay the way will no longer work - there are no meaningful vertical hierarchies.

   Equity and fairness starts with the light of love - the sweeping away of current systems should bring rejoice, not fear.  Let the old media go - tap into your cognition and allow your water to coexist with other waters of the world.  Every time we honor water, with love and intention, things get better.  Be here, now.  Be grateful and be accepting of the water : always carry the weigh and evaluate the situation before actions take you into the flow.  Check size, scope and scale; then trust your judgment. Water provides your intuition.

   Namaste' ...  doc

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