November 07, 2013

Light Ages

   Doc is a denier of conventional wisdom.  If the group says Badda Boom, doc will be the one still stuck on Badda Bing.  His individual conscious evolution to the ground state involved getting away from all the social input cues and rediscovering attunement to nature.  The summer was spent in the woods, earthing to adjust to the vibration of the new weigh.

  The status of what we know will be challenged - becoming attached to a specific point of view without succumbing to the whole truth leads us down rabbit holes that never seem to end.  We are placed where we are to meet a challenge and find a new solution to an old crisis.  Our judgment is called to question and our actions will be seen as to how we make current illusions disappear and what then fills the void.

  Today is Mind Voiding - the last day of the next to last series in the Treei tree-day Grid of 64.  This tree-day segment relocated me to the Rockie highlands and placed some new tasks at hand on the plate.  I might huff and puff and blow the house down.  The key is to question the questions and to frame the hypothesis in terms where an answer can exist.  If my time gauge is correct ( and it rarely is, as i tend to be early ), the localization of life will include a galactic expansion of new information.  My guides and angels speak in different terms than the lame stream media situation might imply - anonymous is soon to be clarified.

  Transparency between thought and action evolves from truth - the comprehension that love wins and fear runs away is to be manifest in weighs we never expected, but that will honor each individual to participate, each in their own way to support all in the new weigh.  The reshuffling act will be necessarily different in each community - there is no consensus to the upcoming illusion.   The order of addressing chaos will be unique depending on circumstance and attitude - we need many iterations with different twerks.

  You have heard of the dark ages.  Well, these are the coming light ages, where simplicity will develop redundant circuitry to reestablish the natural ecosystem.  Living Rainbow Water is our guide and our teacher - having several interactive modes of vibration that resonate through love.  Alignment requires belief - if you surrender your ego and look realistically, the collapse of the way that is is should be welcome and awe-inspiring - a chance to establish the new weigh, in many shapes and forms.  Be open to different and embrace change - keeping the old way gets in the way of the new weigh.  Have pun.

  Namaste' ...  doc

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