November 17, 2013

Physics Quest: What really is the Very Big

   When we believe as above, so below, we sense a dichotomy in approach that is inconsistent with the theme.  In the past two centuries, we have taken everything apart with the microscope, and begun looking at smaller and smaller things.  The big picture has always been rocks in space.  The theory of how the earth rotates around the sun was the center of argument four centuries ago - it is time to consider another revision of the theory.

   The following videos are wordless, with Russian and English subtitles.  The graphics are on a zoom function - you will have to orient to the scale of changes on a very big screen.  Try to take the picture as fractal rather than linear - we are probably looking at 20 to 30 orders of magnitude.  Remember also - that our picture is clouded by the lack of resolution upon expansion of scale.  The big rock idea holds firm from the video perspective - doc does not agree.  

   These videos are way cool.  Spirals are all over and matter moves through space as waves.  The game to be played here is to determine what the big picture looks like as if we were bigger and using a microscope, rather than smaller and using a telescope.  The crux of the problem is to envision emergent behavior and construct the creator perspective of the very very large.  We have either 64 or 96 orders of magnitude to play with - imagine 32 orders smaller than human as string or quanta - the imagination of the scope of thought here is large.  Enjoy!

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