November 16, 2013

On the Nature of Water - iv) Fractal Scales

     It is raining again, which I guess is par for the course in Southern Oregon. It rains so often in the spring that we call a light drizzle Oregon sunshine. It is good for the morel mushrooms and the plants – a bit cold for planting anything beyond greens – but the greenhouse is full of plants. The light catalyzed reaction between carbon dioxide and water is the essential step of photosynthesis, the chemical reaction that builds plant material. I like the weigh chemistry explains things in discrete relationships between small numbers of atoms in small molecules.

    Now small is a relative term – as we discussed previously water is a very small molecule, even in relation to atoms of other elements. When we discuss the topic of organic chemistry, the chemistry of living things involving the HONC elements, there is a three order of magnitude sized jump between the scale of the water molecules and the chemical system. Just to be clear on what three orders of magnitude is – go get a salt shaker and shake out a single grain into your hand. This is what we call a new fractal reality – the physical constants are consistent, but the manifestation do not have to be contiguous. In fact – only 12.5% of the there there is the same as the here here. (for simple math – 100/2 = 50/2 = 25/2 = 12.5) This is also the scale difference of the Mandelbrot zoom – close to 10%.

    Water is a clever molecule, and has learned to gang up to have access to all of the various fractal scales. The water uses the blood stream to get around and deliver dissolved solids to the organs that house the proteins and enzymes that are the next pair of fractal scale. We discussed how water solvates the surfaces of bio-molecules like proteins and enzymes. We can see where water serves as a carrier for ions that serve as the active sites of the synthesis process between amino acids and nucleic acids building blocks that form layers of surface. The surfaces can be hydrophilic and like water or hydrophobic and repel water – the water doesn't care because it can talk to the brother water molecules and create a swarm.

    When we go from the fractal layer of organs to animals – the whole collection of being relies on the collection of water molecules being replenished from outside, so that the water can exchange being and not wear out in the function – a single molecule can only take so much bending and stretching before the elasticity is gone and it before it becomes a crabby archaic relic ready for a retirement beach in a warmer climate. Water molecules and people think the same, as people are made up of mostly water molecules. There is no reason to believe that we are in control of our water – the water knows that the regulatory system works the other weigh around. Ask your plumbing who is in charge when you cannot go. Just try out running water.

    We tend to like our running water, so much that we have municipal water districts to govern the use of local water. Water rights are a big thing because the supplies of fresh water are limited compared to salt water. The water cycle on the earth is a very big picture of how water works on a sense of scale – with evaporative heating of surfaces causes the water to let loose from the partners and go for a new individual ride into the biological system of choice – where it operates as an individual and as part of a whole on a fractal scale. Thus – every intelligence source is working with water at some scale or another and water is really the seat of consciousness – the director of all things physical in the world. Architecture by great spirit – art upon water. Most of the time though, just another drop in the ocean statistically.

    I like water – from my shower in the morning to the pot that boils my coffee. As a little kid, I liked to high dive – until I got sense by scaring myself shirtless. The ocean was the beach growing up near the Jersey shore, but west coast ocean front is for surfing and diving – wet-suit water. The lakes and rivers are for fishing and water skiing and playing – watching their rise and fall based on last winter's snow-pack and this summers temperatures. I am in awe of natural springs, where geothermal activity heats underground water enough to soak away all troubles – as long as the drive is to get there.

    The ground water that feeds the underground aquifers is being fract to within an inch of its life. Fracking is the latest way to squeeze out oil and gas to get that last bit to keep running the empire into the ground. Everything has been commoditized – bought and sold for monetary gain that the water had no say in creating. Water exchanges electron pairs with other water freely as a conduit of information, so ubiquitous that it occurs instantaneously – our quantum mechanics is only the most recent explanation on our scale for how water acts as a medium to shift concepts in time and place. Is it not interesting that there is suddenly great interest in water on Mars and in deep space? This is a solar system of water planets that manifest in a variety of forms.

    What if the planets represent the nuclei of a variety of cells of a human-type organism on a very large scale. The spacial arrangements of physical space as we imagine it should be the same: as above, so below. Why does every picture of deep space look exactly like deeper space, when we know that complexity increases with size in biological organs. In fact, the governance of Fibonacci based natural resource systems occurs at the base where two ones exist, the individual and the whole. Each mus be mastered in a yin/yang balance to be comfortable in your own skin – you know who you are and feel your place in the world of things.

    Nature exists with water as the currency. Each living thing takes as much water as it needs for self and returns its excess water back to the system for processing. This is the same thing that humans do with water – we clean it by a variety of methods that meet certain standards before we discharge it back into the stream for the next user to play the same game. Each of us receives a water bill for the processing cost of using our water as a drain and sewage system instead of a life support partner. In Oregon, water rights are assigned to the fish as of 1987 – by a landmark court decision that conformed to the arbitrary right of first come, first served, but only if you claim the right.

    Our life operating system should work like the computer disk operating system dos. The laws are control vehicles to keep the general order and there are specific instructions to operate for each ordered action. The rules are set to enable flow and can be overridden when emergency action is necessary – but otherwise need no enforcement or rigor – the flow is maintained by the mass – more latitude when not busy.

    We are stardust, just add water.   Namaste'  ...  doc 041513

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