November 13, 2013

How to Change

   We all have control issues.  Life is a balance between doing what we wish to do and doing what we have to do.  The fine lines between these items are often blurred by the ego - we are supposed to make ourselves look good and save face whenever possible.  We know how things should get done, and the shortcuts that will get us there looking like the work has been done without doing the work.  It might make us look good, but we know its not all right.  We do not have to be illusionists to get the job done.

  The thyme has come to stop the pretense.  The entire global infrastructure is a house of cards built on a foundation of, well other cards.  Gradually lower cards have been removed to build the upper decks and suddenly the structure sways in the wind.  The space is transparent - we can read through any lies or untruths.  The jig is up and the minions have their pants down.  So the way to go is the weigh; let's go.

  First, assess the immediate situation.  Start making plans to gather all the scattered parts and get the log books ready to keep track of the personal events and spectacular imagery.  Remain here in the now with eyes wide open - evaluating criteria about how things are never quite what they seem.  Consult your angels and higher self and allow them to guide you through the journey - surrender to their wisdom.  Our knowledge is based upon what others wanted us to know - time will now reveal some items that were somehow left outside the picture frame.

   To be conscious, we think that we have to think.  In meditation, we place our thinking aside to just be.  To be or not to be is an awful dreary question - we are so that we be until we expire.  We each learn how to be differently and attempt to help each other to be, but since we all disagree on the mechanisms of how to be, it ends up in a cesspool of emotional desire and a lack of self control, especially when our hearts and minds differ in their immediate desires.

   Time is a framework that we have built to guide each other in the forward process called progress.  The entire processional is a charade made to make us feel self-important as our liberties are ameliorated into a control system for other to get their weigh.  We can see through that illusion - the game is over and love wins.  The light shines bright and the game is just a game.  Shuffle up and deal the next round, but wait ... some people have not tossed in their cards from the last game and they are stuck in a vortex between yesterday and tomorrow.  This plugs the crink in the hourglass and the current illusion persists.  Let it go.

   The now is an eye in the midst of the storm.  Others believe that that eye is in the pyramid - what we know is enough to prevent us from really knowing what we don't know.  Dig deep enough and it is all the same.  Expand vast enough and it is all the same.  Remain here in the now and guess what - it becomes different because even though as above, so below, we find that we cannot get there from here.  But when we are there, the illusion attempts to wheedle us to come back and be in that comfort zone of dissolving corn-pone reality - complete with GMO corn chips and high fructose corn syrup sodas and everything else a misdirected corny reminder of a time misremembered.

   Interesting to note that the people stay the same and rotate roles, just like Cloud Atlas.  The Matrix runs via a Source Code that presents a Timescape for being.  When we lose consciousness, our reality dissolves into a reducing environment that recoils the springs and resets the body for another round of dealing with tomorrow.  When it misses and times out - Groundhogs Day.  When we are asleep and not here - we are on the ships, bringing in the light and the love.  Which is real?  

   The weigh is under our individual control - and each individual is part of the sovereign unity of the whole.  We get to splice our individual strands together to weave a new fabric of reality as the old cloth ebbs and flows aweigh.  The sea of tomorrow is full of water - how the water aligns is the creator.  We are all source - the water of earth is the same water of earth as it has always been - as above : earth ; so below : heart .  Just be, watch and practice your weigh, your way.

namaste'  ...  doc

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