November 04, 2013

How to Know

Some people seem to think that the weigh is too cerebral.  There are changes happening and if we all believe in the same things, then we show unity and everything works out.   Unity is believing what they say and using their logic form to get there.  If we disagree, then somebody has to be wrong and it can never be me.  So they say.

Doc knows a lot of things and is quite frequently very wrong.  His comprehension of how things work is set by observation and measurement.  There are times when more subtle forces are at work and observation leads to watching things as they seem to be, rather than how they are.  People are very good at jumping to conclusions and running with the ball - without asking other people involved what they were thinking.  To grok a thought process, one has to follow the premise through to the moment of action.

Action.  Actions speak louder than words - there's a thin line between love and hate.  Annie Lennox sings these lines brilliantly - her ballads tell stories that people can relate to.  The Pretenders were awesome, but Annie is just in another league - she does cover of other bands hits so coolly.  Got Brass, in pocket.  Yeah.

Actions.  The time for action is when you feel called upon to act.  Sometimes i watch and i fail to discuss and come to differ in perspective from other people.  I can be dogmatic and fairly insistent on a perspective, especially when it comes to a less desirable outcome.  I can go back into my doghouse and study the scene using the same information that i already have, or you could tell me what is going on in your thoughts and i can see where we differ in major proportion.  The silent treatment does not explain the obvious to somebody looking past it - you have to tell me what is going on in your thinking process, so i can find things that add up differently.

Math is exact and you cannot add up things differently.  Or can you?  Remember the meaning of the term commutative.  That means that the order of action is insignificant - three times two equals two times three.  Not all actions work that weigh.  If one of the actions is irreversible, it can change the outcome of subsequent actions.  This would be like striking the match, reading another paragraph, then trying to light your smoke.

I dunno the whys or the wherefores.  I do know that what i see is love winning and change happening to put all the fires out, and leave us with a simpler, more effective, localized system of life.  The more effective part is subject to interpretation - i dunno what we are in for, but we certainly are in for something.  Tell me what you think, if you think i ought to know.  If not, please do not expect me to see it your weigh, because my observation path is narrowed by blinders that have been constructed by my past actions - some that worked well, while others did not. 

We all have our filters.  We need to set aside barriers to achieve unity.  We do not have to all think the same way - we get to evaluate our actions by the thoughts of our group and look at things in many weighs.  The key is to work on a truth basis - finding what is true, and how do we know that?  We can detect truth in many forms that are beyond explanation - we simply know when we arrive at truth.  Absolute truth or relative truth - depends on perspective.  

Remember - do not be attached to the outcome - follow your truth and do the best you can.  All you can do is all you can do.  With love, you can do many things that you can't do from fear.  Your choice.

Namaste'  ...  doc

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