September 04, 2005

hmmm - next

time has come, roll up your sleeves - life as we know it will no longer be as we know it. if you are at peace with yourself, do what need be done - classes in anything can be made available at YC.C until the internet stops running. If so - see you. doctor lenny will blog along, lemme will wax poetic - if we stop, please come looking for us. time to work - to plan, but don't build yet - think about what you will need and be set.

Starting tonight at 6:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time - - In Doctor Lenny's Office we will have a save the world discussion.

IMO - Global warming is not driving the weather, the cyclic metabolism of the earth drives weather. It's like when you have a shortness of breath and you start huffing. Volcanic activity in the Pacific rim is up - there is land movement accompanying the air disturbances. While Katrina is not unusual as a natural disaster - we had best focus our attention on the metabolic process and start appreciating the forests as redistributors of the chemical order for oxidation / reduction - creating oxygen and purifying water. Instead of panicking - lets let this current economy collapse and build a new economy based on environmental and social reality. A New World Order - starting from chaos and allowing the order to come when the time comes that the proper order comes about. Watch the mechanisms for relocating people in LA operate - the total chaos has decended into a make-shift order where individuals that have stepped up to the plate will be remembered for their action, not their inaction. Freedom to be chaotic will always lead to a higher order of things when the dust settles. Chaos should neither be feared, nor vilified.
Assumption #1 - Everybody starts with nothing. We may be able to keep our clothes and shelters that we currently own, but without a food distribution network, people become a bit more clingy. This is likely not a valid assumption. Try again
Assumption #1 - Everybody starts with the stuff they currently have. Of course - you will have to trade it for food, so those who planned ahead will be much better off. The obvious solution. Start planning ahead. Anyway - tonight, i'd like to start by exploring assumptions. Come into my open office when you get there - if it asks you for a password - i'm not there yet. 6:30 pm PDT - 12 hrs

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