September 06, 2005

I no longer wish to be processed

What is a process? Does something have to be defined to be a process? Or is a process just the continuing forward along a series of steps. No matter what the steps are, the process continues as one step follows another. To get anything done, there is a process to follow. Sometimes, many processes that have to be followed. Why do we follow them? To prevent an unfortunate occurance that could be avoided if we followed the process. But what if something can't be avoided - what if the process doesn't help, but rather places an additional burden on those being processed.

I am dog tired of being processed. Jumping through hoops in order to jump through hoops is one thing, but wasting time and effort on process to make an accomplishment, when the process driving the events burns the value of the work; might as well not attempt to accomplish the accomplishment. Atlas Shrugs - please stop working to implement order. Order does fine implementing itself on its own only after chaos.

Let's elect (and appoint) people at all levels who will dissolve the majority of rules, retire the rule enforcers, make the law simple as to what we should follow and actively lead the battle rather than standing in the background creating more process.

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