January 04, 2015

Another Weigh

Just thinking and sharing music - high stream energy vibrations seem to chase way lower frequency peeps. My wish is to be the light and do what need be done to create a light vision - to place into play the results of the learning. Nature is as nature does and Gaia has mechanisms to talk to us, when we attune ourselves to listen. People are fragile creatures that require nurturing - our nuclear society will not allow that to happen as we are the cogs in their wheel when we play their game. I walk to my own synchronicity - enjoy being before dealing with any frustrations of the day.

To begin, i have developed a zen state - my ground. I know where this place is, within the recesses of my being and i can get there and back in an instant. That time is always well spent, as i can discharge frustration and angst and get immediate clarity. When i meditate, i draw a Merkaba shell and retreat into space, between my ears, and focus on nothing in particular. To be in a hot sauna while drifting out of body is the ultimate experience - hot springs and baths serve similar purpose.

My being no longer really seems to be of that whirled - it is one with Gaia in the spirit of love. Love is not a science terms, yet love is the binding between electrons in a chemical bond. The polymeric structure is disintegrating and the common view cannot hold when enough peeps no longer share the imagery. I ride a sturdy steed - called a mercedes benz - that gets me to where i go, at this point in physical space time. There is no such thing as space or time - these are constructs that we were taught to use to frame the world for the collective group-think that currently dominates.

Focus - tune your vibration by intention. Like attracts like. If you want to attract a purr, think like a cat. Sharp wavelength with deep depth of focus and nothing registers outside the field of vision. As an empath, doc learned to avoid other folks distress and not to be involved in the drama of the day. The journey of the homeless hermit lasted for 3 years - today is likely a day where i establish a new home, for doc to rebuild his doc stuff. The set-up is exactly what we have and the mind-set is also exactly where we need to be. What is is what we make of it - not what is currently LSD. The pablum of the Lame Stream Delusion no longer interests me.

To do things right - we always have to restart at one. However, according to Fibonacci - a group can regroup to one, when it reaches a Fibonacci number. If group theory holds for chemistry and sociology, then Gaia has constructed a garden of Eden where each of us has yet to sample the apple. I like snakes - kept an albino Burmese python for over a decade. Never once was offered an apple - but the snake was sacrificed for somebody's sins. None of the prior mythology holds - we can construct whatever frame of reference that we wish to have. But !!!!! It all starts with you, being one and growing with others to become larger ones.

One is the loneliest number that you'll ever know - two can be as bad as one. Yet we can reset two to one and be a couple that acts together as a couple when we are bonded. Many peeps are currently seeking their 'twin flame' - the person that will be the peep that they reset to one with. That is the game we have been taught to play. Domestic chess - white against black. If we reset the two to one, then we can pick up another pair and grow the group to four as two groups of two - a group of four cannot reset to one as four is not a fibonacci number. Four is a beginning of a longer term group, which has balance and confidence and can grow organically. Life is growth - love is bonding and we are all here together. In love. And Paul was the walrus.

Namaste' ... lemme

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