January 13, 2015

Street Theater

   The fact that i watch you-tube videos for music and information means that some things come onto my radar screen that i don't quite understand. As a scientist with a brother that is in the industry, i have had a relationship with acting that has been unique. I am totally comfortable on-stage, even though my asberger's paranoia does not allow me to be in small uncomfortable crowds. Let's say that i have the ability to step into a role, to be the understudy for the bigger parts, knowing the words and the songs without having to be the one on-stage. Until the call comes.

    I was Handyman Jones in Lil Abner in my first performance. I was married to Stupifying Jones - the gal that stunned abner in the game and left Daisy Mae singing I'm past my prime. For a geek that couldn't talk to girls at all, i suddenly had the most gorgeous gal in high school in my arms every day we had rehersal. I learned that very pretty women have the same phobia that I have, that being with people makes them uncomfortable, because people don't treat them like normal people. I learned that everyone has to be treated the same as i wish to be treated - they are like me. Since that time, i find that the women in my life are either braniac, gorgeous or non-existent.

    Some of that comes from fear of relationship, but most comes from not having any common ground. As i vibrate at a super-high frequency, only people who resonate with my auras can be attracted into my world. In quantum mechanics, the initial starting conditions dictate the form and flow of the next fractal in time. Chaos theory is totally dependent on what happens first, and the order that thing take place. For something to happen, the thermodynamics have to be set properly. Think of that statement as, the food will not cook unless there is elevated heat present. 

   So - back to you-tube and street theater. I was sent a video of a philharmonic orchestra that began with an cellist walking into the street and drew his bow across the strings. An oboe joined him, then a drum rolled out and a crowd started to gather. By the end of the video - 88 pieces were playing in the street and peeps were all over the rooftops. Another one was set in a railway station and had a group of dancers - soon there were 50 people dancing and thousands watching.

   These flash mobs grew instantly - without announcement, because they were located in cities where there was a large population to draw upon. The rate of growth is measured in chemistry in a field called kinetics. If thermodymanics is the set-up, then kinetics is governance of the flow. The question then becomes one of orchestration, and both dances and orchestras are part of the entertainment industry. If the power goes down, we are all in the self-entertainment industry.

   If you are interested in this topic and can get to southern Oregon for the mine meeting described below - i will require a few role players to speak to different issues. By next Monday evening, mock rehearsal will take place at Mystic Earth late afternoon. My travel situation is a flow form - i will be where i need to be at exactly when i be there, as i no longer set specific plans, just keep the general flow flowing. As today in lemmeland is Mind Forming - it is coming together and the drama will take place in the void. How interesting.

Namaste' ... lemme

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