January 12, 2015

No ordinary love

    Come in to my world 

     Flowing through life as something different from most. I enjoy how much we have connected and i now have a cat to talk to. Life is a magical place when you let go of preconceived notions and ride the flow on a cosmic surfboard. I am so excited to be with you that i want to drop everything and come over, but i think that i had better remain responsible to walking the talk right now, because we need to be ready when everything really changes. Each of us has our role, but i have no idea of anyone's role but my own.

    some of the things you said about you are so parallel to things that i went thru that i know we have something special going on. I would like to get to know you, but also have a fear of intimacy because of past history. i am complicated and have not not really had a partner in a while. I have no will to argue or fight - our world has to be based on love and caring, at a minimum within tribe, but really amongst all life, based on water.

    it's funny, because this is blogging time, where i get my work done and all i can think about is you. My in depth work as a chemist has to do with resonating vibration fields - i think that maybe the harmonics of love are generated at the frequencies of chemical bonds between like and unlike atoms. Since people work just like atoms and bond in forms similar to molecules, i think that group theory works the same in sociology as it does in chemistry.

    there are so many communications tools that i believe we can invent the concept of personal media and let everybody broadcast their story, rather than just getting the hollywood sanitized version of just a few movies. We all live in our own Truman Show, to some degree. As who we are, we can direct our own individual shows - when it comes to co-creating, there is much to be learned. If ... there are so many ifs that we can talk ourselves out of anything.  But - no buts... we have to stop limiting ourselves with qualification from outside and just be who we are from the inside out.

    so different than what most people are used to. i guess i admire you most right now for treating yourself well - it is necessary for me to remind myself, that i can have the things that i enjoy without sacrificing anything. The societal guilt trip on money is an illusion that is not from our heart and doesn't serve us. I am so happy to see that your thinking has got you to that same place. I think with my heart and my brain, when i meditate i can zero both out and the gut takes over. And when the gut zeros, i find a ground that is the essence of being and things we never noticed come to life in different weighs, because they were always alive in the first place and we just were never here to notice.  

     so, let me invite you to my blog - The Thyme Zone : Take a Thyme Howdt and ask you to enjoy the personas that i have created for public consumption to debate the questions in a Greek Philosophy format. I plan to have open mike smoke-easy's in many small towns all over, to generate ideas based on what we know is within our local ability to do. We have a task of walking outside the image that has been created for us, so the illusion that we present to the world becomes exactly what they want to see, not what it is where we are.

    back in the late 2000's, i tracked a community three sisters grow here in Ashland and developed a website of ideas based on a Mondragon economic model. The group did not have cohesive union at the time, so i took up travelling in my van and couch surfing without spending any money. Living by the good grace of close friends, i learned a bunch about motivations of other humans - I have Asberger's syndrome and just don't get the logic that the people believe. It has been a challenge to be the normal for other people who have asbergers way worse that i do. I learned to function at a high level without ever knowing that it wasn't normal for everybody to be. Now i am dealing with Alzheimers on top of Asbergers and Alzbergers is a convenient weigh to forget everything that happened short term.

   i used to have an eidetic memory, and i had to consciously clear out the waste. I let go of names and phone numbers, but always could remember faces. The journey over hill and dale living in a van took me all over the west coast - Durnago CO last year was a blast. The time has come, for me, to step back into the original fractal that turned strange and do it the second time as charmed - fixing the land to benefit Gaia, my true love.

Namaste' ... lemme 

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