January 25, 2015

On Group Theory

Red Resonant Moon : Void Powering : On Group Theory

Magick is the ability to do your own work when nobody is watching you. We should value our time alone, when we get to be with the one person who knows us best. Some of us are schizophrenic – we have more than one personality that we deal with within ourselves. This is a function of the cogdis we discussed yesterday – we create a person to befriend our self in order to chase away the loneliness that we bring to ourselves when we believe we are on our own. Each of us has to be able to be alone with ourselves, in order to be able to function at a high vibrational frequency.

I was watching a video on Assene's theory of everything – which undertakes a bold goal. I was watching and agreeing and then we got to the point where God is in the neurons. Neurons are the vessels that connect to each other to form the nervous system network that physically controls the body – a function within the science of biology. That was as deep as he got – never went down smaller to chemistry – but jumped to unifying his metaphysics and physics. He missed the conclusion. God is in the neurons, and in the water and in the electrons – god is everywhere – we are all divine.

Before we allow our divinity to go to our heads, let's wrap it into our hearts. Water is the common denominator for all of life. Chemistry is the proton and neutron and electron being together in very close quarters, but close is a function of scale – a fractal reality. Every fractal brings it own reality. Mendelbrot recognized that iterations of the same applied over and over generated patterns that were self-similar. Symmetry is a function that allows us to simplify complexity by repeating a pattern any number of times.

If we accept that biomimicry is a copying of the natural process on a different scale, then part of nature's built in redundancy is the ability to save time and energy by mimicking itself. Copying is not theft (thanks NP) – yet our illogical, self-imposed borders have copyright laws rather than free universal access to information. That we already know everything and need to be taught nothing is what children know, but adults learn out of them at very young ages. Sometimes, I wonder how we don't get stifled at our age of frustration.

The theory would go like this – five year old lemme is watching a game show on television in November 1963 and the scene breaks away to a parade in Dallas. There is a motorcade with five people and then hysterics erupt. Welcome to instant adulthood. The lessons that we learned are framed in the reference of how old we were when we had our first life crisis and how we dealt with it. If we took control of the situation, rather than watching careful and interpreting against what we already knew, then we froze our emotional state at the age where we first got our weigh.

Organic growth is a fibonacci function – where at any given fibonacci number, we can reset the group size back to a group of one, then hold that group in a dynamic equilibrium known as stasis, until another group of similar size is ready to interact. Each individual in the reset group is always set at one, because the definition of one in the first order is self. When one grows to one, then adds to another one to make two – the two can agree to act as one for the duration of the unity, or can interact as each one and not be the paired two until they together interact with another person or group. If a person is a group of one, then our language clears up. If we define a person as a living entity that contains water – then corporations made of people do contain water and are alive just like the supreme idjits say. So is everything else, except maybe plastics.

The red queen once said to alice that words mean exactly what I think they mean. Everybody knows that. We talk and argue over the semantics of the meaning of words – much easier to start a glossary and note what the words mean when we use them. I just made an exchange with my first formal student in the new weigh – a 13 year old who is seven of eight and doesn't get valued for the beautiful person that I know he is. So he will be my friend, and spokesman to tell me when my words get too big for peeps like him to understand. Actually – Daniel and Tilly are both now mostly grown and served in the same role before the system even got neurally connected. History is the experience we draw from personal contact with the hologram and our morphogenic fields resonate differently in every instant of now. What we know is a function of what we believe and I believe that we know what we know from before we were taught how to know.

So, we as humans, for the benefit of all life, containing water as the criteria for life, need to actively reassess our knowledge base from the point of view of all peeps that never learned how to speak the language, but can rationalize the concepts from a different observational basis. To do this, we need intelligent 13 year old humans – who are sponges for knowledge and haven't been broken into the mass think.

A group always begins at self and adds based on the number of visible peeps in active contact in the room. A group of one, two or three always works. These group sizes are all fibonacci numbers – we can increase our group of two humans instantly to three peeps by including a pet dog or cat in our count, if they are present in the room with us. Other animals may also be included, as long as they actively interact with the participants. The goal is to create groups at as large a fibonacci number as you can legitimately congregate – to increase the value of the conversations.

That value is also a function of time – but time is not real – it is only a count of the minutes that the group was together. These groups are for The New Weigh game – and these concepts form the basis set for all characters to advance their stature in the first phase of the game, which will last about two years. There is no membership charge for this phase of the game – but the value that is accumulated during the time spent on Thyme related materials within the game will create your NPC as a sovereign with privilege in phase two of the game.

Remember, this is a mental construct – if you want to play and you already know lemme or doc – just lemme know. However – you have your own realm always. I am working on metrics for the scoring systems, which change as a function of glyph. What is glyph? Why. Glyph is a topic for another day.

Namaste' … doc

By the weigh, love is defined as the chemical bond shared between two elements.

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