March 24, 2006

EH - 83 : Food Security

Mark Wynne takes a shot at the CAFO industry with an accounting of the ecologic costs of operations, that are picked up by the commons. I would indulge the reader to question some of the underlying assumption made in this piece and also to think through some of the strategy logistics of what it would take to implement his ideas.

Dr. Lenny worked at a zoo that was a designated CAFO and was somewhat responsible for managing manure (what is a compost, but a big pile of sh*t). We used a 5 acre mitigational wetland - a neat cooperative effort. Worth thinking about what we do with wastes - manure to energy seems a natural, but there is a serious restriction to on-farm industrial manipulations based on community zoning restrictions. Animals not concentrated would require a much greater volume of space. Where do they expect us to get more new space in a constantly crowding world?

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