March 24, 2006

Fantasy Sports

Thyme Howdt - We need a few more people to have some fun in a free yahoo fantasy baseball league. We have the draft coming up on Sunday night 8:30 pst - league i.d. is 56055. This is just for bragging rights - there are no prizes. Last year the league came down to the final out. If you want to match baseball wits with Dr. Lenny ... here is your chance. I toss out the gauntlet. (no, not the video lemme - sandra locke and clint eastwood make quite the pair)

Baseball season is only nine days away, although it always takes me a week or two into April to re-adjust. I joined a three year keeper league that drafts next Friday. Knowing how much time i have to spend on these games (virtually zero - 15 minutes a day, max) : i hope to get plug and play players that will stay in the line-up all season.

I wonder if we could invent the Fantasy Congress game. You could draft two dozen legislators from either the house or senate and count the number of sponsored bills that they co-write. I can imagine offering a package deal of Obama and Pombo with Shumer and Lee thrown in for a real stud-muffin like Byrd or McCain, along with a junior senator like Wyden and a representative to be named later.

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