March 16, 2006

Zone Welcome to the Pox

Another independent blog site worth a peak is Adem Kupi's A Pox on All Their Houses. The wisdom delivery is similar to the zone format - but the perspective is skewed from our natural resources POV here. Adem fits well with Kevin, Vache, Jim, Ali, Wally and all the other personal responsibility bloggers that populate the zone crosslynx.

If you haven't started your own blog and think you have something to say that can stand up to the filter of thought - now is the time to get cracking. But rather than catch up in the bloggosphere, develop a different newer techno-forum, like i-pod or EVGMs. Doctor Lenny and Lemme have been here daily for nearly 18 months - i got a peek at some web stats the other day and we have 400 hits per day average. I figure the 100 monkey level is 10000 --> Jeff's Warrior count hit 1000 for the turn of the year and has 3000 targeted, but that is a different measurement and may be comparing tangerines to oranges. I can see the forest and i can see the trees - weather forcast is for stormy conditions as March continues to be a lion.

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