March 31, 2006

EH - 86 : Politician's Motives

"Politicians are a class of unable, unwanted, unproductive, indecent, dishonest people, who try to remedy their inferiority through oppressing those morally superior."

Per Bylund has this one nailed. Power and Influence beget influence and power, but lemme's question is why do we bother listening to them at all? We should nod our heads, say what they want to hear and do whatever it is we were doing as soon as they go away. The concept of un-war is classic - and makes good sense! On the collapse of the USSR ...

"It seems too much control, too much harassment of the people, too much regulation, too much taxation – i.e. too much political power – causes too many problems for power to survive."
Now ...
"Through a number of reforms called the Patriot Acts, centuries-old rights of the people were abolished or "modified" to simplify further growth of political power and control of the opposition."

Seems the solution is to elect politicians that will sunset old laws and require removal of two existing laws prior to the creation of each now law. If we can decrease the volume of law ten-fold and decrease the complexity of the law to sixth grade level, then the rule of law can be equivalized and work for limited governance. Else - well Per describes where we're at.

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